December 1, 2014

The IKEA HENRIKSDAL Slipcover Dining Chair

Wow I feel like last week flew by, don't you?

Last Wednesday, I shared on Instagram that my husband and I did a little shopping. Here's what we came home with...

(The chairs were on sale)
2 Vinter 2014 Cushions (sweater knit)

We also got a coffee table from World Market for a great deal!  But you'll have to see it later, it deserves it's own post!

Let's talk about these Ikea Vinter Sweater Knit pillows...

Even my husband likes them!

Just look at those chunky rustic buttons.  In case you haven't noticed, sweater knit is H U G E this season, it's everywhere and I'm eating it up.

Well hello there beautiful pillow you...

go ahead, gaze into those gorgeous brown buttons.

...moving on.

Okay, we have seating space for ten at this table and I only had 6 metal chairs.  I looked and looked at lots of pretty chair options.  I decided that the simple slipcover chair looked best with my metal chairs.  I like washable, yeah, kids...

The cheapest and most comfortable option turned out to be the IKEA Henriksdal chair.  I have to be honest, I'm pretty impressed with how nice they look!

For most of the time, I will have one of the Henriksdal chairs at each end of the table and 3 metal chairs along each side.

When we have company coming, I'll get out the other two.

There's one of the Vargyllen Cushions.

Ten seats...

Without the black and white blankets...

Without the pillows...

And then, the everyday set up.

I thought I'd share the slipcover process, I know it's simple. This is just to show you what it looks like, not really a how to do it.

This flap or tongue goes between the wadding and velcros to the backside of the chair so that the slipcovers stays put.

I folded all the fabric over and then pushed the flap through.

Then pull snug and attach to the velcro there.

As I finished each chair, I smoothed out each seat because the fabric likes to get all bunched up there.

See? Better.


After I put together all the chairs, I played with some styling and decided to share it for fun.


What do you think?!

Ikea for the win!

Thanks for stopping in on your busy Monday, have a wonderful week!



  1. Wow, I love it all! I would be happy to sit at this table any day of the week!

  2. I feel so silly, I never knew that was what that extra flap of fabric was for! Lol! Thanks for the demonstration!

  3. Curious as to how these chairs and slipcover fabric has held up? Would love to hear back from you! I'm considering buying as we have a 16 mos old and I would love some chairs that will stand the test of time with washable slipcovers. Thanks so much!