December 8, 2014

Project Plans

This one's a doozie. I'm not even kidding. Proceed with caution... 

My kids have been sick with a nasty cold so I warn you now, these images are not the prettiest.  I didn't clean or prep anything for these shots.  

I didn't even do the dishes or wipe down the counters!  

This is life in progress folks.

You see the image above? Awe look, other than the bad lighting, its kinda pretty...

DUN Dun dun.

I spy a tiny person, a mess and unfinished project number one. 

I still need to paint all the doors a charcoal or matte black.  I haven't decided for sure yet so I haven't even bought the paint.

Never mind that rug and stuff, it's just there. Life in progress remember?

Inspiration for our door color...


and matte black.

and this, well this is just charmingly gorgeous!

I really can't wait to paint the doors!

We're working on little repairs here and there, like the crumbling grout.  There is also cracked tiles in a few places.  I'm hatching a plan for the pink tile.  I don't want any "I wish I hadn't done that" moments, so my plan needs to be full proof before we decide on anything.

I did finally get the wall around this door painted. Finally. 

I even got the switch plate covers back on, woohoo!

I also need to get under the counter and paint!  See it?! (picture below)

Eventually I'd like to get new cabinet knobs.  The ones that are on there are oval so they always look crooked and it drives me bonkers.  Especially when the kids play with them.

I'm also not a huge fan of the corian.  I'd like to save my pennies, (alot of pennies haha!) and get white quartz counter tops, and matching backsplash.

Possibly even refinish the island in white and add antique corbels...

Sorry, I've started daydreaming as I write this.

I'm still trying to finish painting walls!

And then there's this...

I'm hoping to paint the hallway this week.

But then, I've said that for the past month.


In the hallway here, I'd like to diy some gallery wall shelving.

Something like this, minus the seating...

Or this..

Using shelving like this...

Go through that hallway and this is what you see to the left.  There is my lovely antique bench, sitting there, just waiting to serve its purpose under all that stuff.  I've had this hallway clean several times. Then in comes another pile, I sort it, put some away and the rest goes back out. 

I've become a master at pile shifting.  Especially when company is coming! Can you relate?

Hallway plans... the bench was purchased specifically for that spot, so its not going anywhere.  I've purchased two moroccan runners for this hallway that I'm super excited about!

I've decided to go with a Beni Ourain style rug theme throughout the house.  I'm fascinated with the fresh neutralness about it.  

I was inspired so much by this...

Then West Elm was having a great sale on rugs, so I bought these runners to try and achieve the look...

Did you hear me squeal in excitement!?

Now, up the stairs.

Don't you just love the plastic? So cozy...

Really now.  I'm still painted out.  I've been avoiding the upstairs like the plague.  I don't want to look at it in all its unfinished glory.  Ugh.  But here it is.

Once it's all done, it'll be pretty great!  Each end of the balcony has ample built in shelving.  I plan to make two simple cozy reading nooks.

See the blur?  That's my oldest trying to clean up a little.  That middle area will eventually be for crafting.  Right now it's covered in toys and boxes.

Here's a balcony view of the downstairs area and part of the kitchen. 

I painted 85% of that myself and do you have any idea how much painting that is right there?? A whole stinkin lot.

And you know what? 

I love that white!

More aerials..

I still need to climb back up on a ladder and get that last bit of tape above the fireplace!

Back down to the guest/ kids bathroom...

I bought privacy window film for the window and then I'll use my silhouette to cut some black vinyl letters that read "WC" or something.

Kind of like this...

That ladder used to be in our living room at the last house, remember?

I bought the mirror at Hobby Lobby in Yakima.  It looks like the Astor Mirror from Pottery Barn seen here and it was A LOT cheaper!! I think its a great mirror, it won't over power the pedestal sink.

I have sconces to replace the ones seen here. You'll see them later!

See?  We are making progress!

Little bits at a time.

Happy Monday and enjoy the rest of the week!



  1. I'm speechless...this is a Huge project and you are kicking buns! Love it!

  2. Yeah for making progress! I see the vision of your space and its stunning!