October 20, 2014

Our New Home: The Master Bedroom

Happy Monday to you all!

SO.  I painted my buns off this weekend!  The scale would disagree... sadly.

But I made some big progress!

 Before I share this "progress",

(psst...  it's at the bottom of this post)

I'd like to share some more of the house with you.

This is a hallway that leads to the master bedroom.  Its an entry hall, I plan to put that old gray bench I purchased from the flea market against the wall on the right.

Wondering what bench I'm talking about?  It was in my Instagram feed a while back.

I was inspired by this...


or find it in my pins here.

...then my computer was being slow and shut down this page right about here.  That's why this post is up later than usual.

Here is the staircase that leads up to the balcony.

...and here is the entrance to the master bedroom.

The extra doors on the right?  That's a hall closet.

Currently, the fireplace doesn't work.


I'm hoping, maybe, we can get it fixed before the snow flies.

I can't wait to open that door to the snow covered field, flip on the fireplace and crawl back in bed on a Saturday morning.

Am I right!?

This will be the headboard wall.

The walls are currently creamy yellow.

And yes, I'll be painting these walls.

We plan on building this bed, I'm in love with its simple lines.


The two doors lead to his and hers bathrooms.

I know.  I know.  Whaaaaaaat?!

I think I'll use the wall space between the bathroom doors for my treasured Marabella Avignon mirror.  You know, the giant mirror in our current living room that I got for a steal.

If it doesn't look like it would fit, to give you an idea of scale, those doorways and the rest of the doorways are 8.25' high.

I'm excited to see how it looks in here!

I apologize for the really goldy glowy pictures.

It was the wrong time of day.

This is the hers side of the bathroom.

Lacquer white cabinetry.  I love how clean it looks!

Yep, I'll be using that tub...


The shower passes through to his side behind my "mirror wall".

...and this would be his side.

Again, I know.  Its a bit ridiculous.  

Yes. That's a sauna.

Yes. It will get used.

From my side of the bathroom, there is this door that leads to a lacquer white wardrobe.

Honestly, there is more space than I can fill.

My current clothing storage space is like, 1/10 of what you see here.  Probably even less.

I'm going to have storage space galore.

Oh. Darn.

Here is a better look at the lacquer white wardrobe.

The light on the right is a door that leads out to a little work shop space.

Yes! I can get dressed and then go out and hammer on things!

For. Real.

Oh and straight ahead is the guest room. I'll be sharing that next Monday.

You can't see it, but there is another doorway on the left that leads to the laundry room which I will share on Monday as well.

Here is another view of the master bedroom.

That wardrobe is for my husband.

We were laughing yesterday when he put most of his clothes away.  We stood back and the cabinets still look empty!!

Like I said, storage galore!

No complaints here.

And here is the progress!

Let me start by saying...

I'm never painting a space like this again.


So. Much. Pain....t.

Eventually it will get done.

We should officially be moving in this week!

I wanted to wait until the main living area and kitchen ceiling was done.

I'm really loving the white, its so bright and clean looking!

These progress pictures were before this weekends progress.

Most of what you see here is painted already.

Thanks for checking in and enjoy the rest of the week!


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  1. Oh my goodness, girl...you've got your work cut out for you! This place looks huge!!!! It's going to be absolutely AMAZING (already is)! So fun to watch your progress!