October 13, 2014

Our New Home: The Loft Bedroom (before)

I hope you had a wonderful weekend!  I know I did!

We drove down to Vancouver on Thursday night... LATE Thursday night, as in we didn't get there until close to 2 am.

Its about a 4 hour drive and sometimes more if there is traffic.

We hosted a co-ed baby shower for my sister and can you believe I didn't get a chance to take pictures of the party!?

I even laid out everything for the perfect shots!

But before I knew it the guests were there and, well...

I got nothin.

But trust me, it was fun and beautiful...

and some guests changed and re-diapered peanut butter bottomed balloons...


With one wipe. Yes one. (Insert evil laugh)

And the prizes were $5 Starbucks gift cards...

because who doesn't love Starbucks!?

Ok, moving on...

Alight, I had planned to share some hey look how much I painted so far! images, but that didn't pan out.

As a matter of fact, I woke up early this morning to put something together so that I could make sure you had something to see, as promised!

What you're looking at here is the loft bedroom.  

The door on the left opens up to the loft balcony that over looks the kitchen and main living area.

The door on the right is a closet...

that hadn't been cleaned out yet when I took this.

Eventually, this could become a bathroom.

You see the other door in there? Its an unfinished room that we may eventually finish or push this room out to.

Do you see that odd little cupboard door on the left, its a small square hole that opens up to another unfinished room!  

We've talked about pushing this side out as well or maybe making a closet out of it.

The furniture you see in here was given to us from my grandma in law.

I'm still playing with the layout.

And of course the walls need to be painted.

Did you see that Linoleum? Gorgeous right!?

Gotta love that hospital vibe!?

Haha! Just kidding!

Eventually, we'll do something different on the floor.

I'll probably paint the furniture or try some liming wax or something...

and reupholster the blanket chests.

Oh and this staircase is going to get a little makeover with a runner.

Call me crazy but that looks dangerous.  I'm so incredibly worried that my clumsy children are going to stumble down to the bathroom in the middle of the night and break something!

Um, like their heads!

So something will definitely be done here.

If you follow me on instagram, then you've already seen this image.

I bought both items at Homegoods on Friday!  I'm so excited about that rug.

The chair too!  And since I shared the girls room with you, I might as well share that, this chair is going in there.  

Yup! Very heavily scotch guarded and in the girls room!

There isn't really anything in the picture to show proportions, but this chair is smallish.  I can still sit in it but it makes me nervous.

In person, it looks like something from RH Baby.

It will make the perfect addition to their antique vanity!!

Thank you for taking the time to come and read my little blog!

I really truly appreciate all the comments from everyone, they mean so much to me!!

Things WILL eventually slow down and I'll be able to make time to reply to you.

Until then, know that I am just one very crazy busy momma, and most of the time I do see the comments...

...and they make me smile! 

Unfortunately, the replying process is very time consuming between my blog and social media, 

and sometimes, 

especially lately, 

I'm just plain exhausted!  

Its super flattering and I enjoy each and every one!!! I will be a better blogger as time goes on, I promise!!

Thank you so much!


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