September 8, 2014

Fall Home Tour

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Welcome to our Fall home tour! I wasn't going to do anything for fall decor since we'll be moving but I decided to go ahead and try to come up with something. 

 I had to raid my potting shed for a few things, painted a chalk board and did some rearranging. It is VERY simple but there are quite a few pictures.  I have the hardest time picking only a few! 

Notice the bookcases are gone? Yep, already moved those out!

Yes, these are new chairs! Well, new to ME anyway, and I love them! What do you think?

That couch was given to us by my MIL and FIL.  It used to be along the wall on the left.  When I moved the bookcases out, I had to rearrange the whole room to make it feel right again.

I'm loving the metal quotation marks that my husband bought me from Pottery Barn!

I had this hide sitting in our office all folded up. What a waste right!? I decided to throw it down for the shoot.

Isn't Autumn such a beautiful season?  Quite a few people ask me where I bought this ooh la la pillow.  I'm not sure who the manufacturer is because I cut the little tag off. Stupid me!  I purchased it from Ellensburg Floral in Ellensburg, WA a couple years ago.

I am often asked where these huge antique pickle jars are from.  I purchased the huge jars from Restoration Hardware here.  I waited until they were on sale.  

Originally I used them as faux orchid terrariums.  I might do that again next spring but for now, my favorite way to use them is with candles.

These 25 liter jars fit a 6" pillar candle through the top.  Its tight, so you have to hold the wick as you lower it down the the bottom.

 I've tried flameless candles in these jars but because they are eye level they look far better with real burning candles.  

Be sure to use a medium in the bottom, mine being white river stones, to level the candle so it can burn evenly.  The candle will last longer this way.

I use Pottery Barn's ivory 6 x 6" pillar candle here. They are the cheapest during Winter Holidays.  If you make use of the free shipping during this time, they often come with a coupon!  Trust me, its worth it.

I moved the gold W to the other side of the room, above the fireplace. I think it looks better that way.

I made this vase from a thrifted clear glass cup a washi tape!  Its hard to see but it has very fine black and white stripes.

I did the chalkboards by hand and in a hurry, and yes that says 18 days until Fall.  That would be wrong, but it was accurate when I wrote it out!

We have a ton of tumble weed around here! Its free, and I think it looks pretty good in that demijohn!  My husband however... he gave me a funny look! A why would you bring that in the house kind of look.

This awesome salvaged railing... yep. That won me one of those are you crazy looks, again.  But he bought it for me anyway! In fact, it might have been more of a how are we going to get this home look. 

I pulled the plant from my yard.  Nothing else has turned color yet.

These coasters are from Painted Fox Treasures.

My husband came up with the "pumpkin spice and everything nice" as he watch me scribble a erase a few times too many.  I thought it was perfect!

See how I made this farmhouse kitchen island cart here.

Tumble weed scavenged from our fields.

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  1. Your home is so beautiful Jen! I grew up in an area with tumbleweeds, and I love that you incorporated them!

  2. I love EVERY detail!! Pretty sure your ooh la la pillow is Primitives by Kathy.

  3. This place is gorgeous! You are so talented!

  4. you are a master of layering! looks beautiful!

  5. Stunning Jen!! Love all the chalkboards and cute little sayings!!! Very inspiring!!!

  6. super cool tour....Love your style!!!! Greetings from Olympia. Christine from Little Brags

  7. What a fun tour, Jen! You did such a great job! Love it all! Happy Tuesday, friend! XO

  8. So gorgeous!! I want to go shopping in your house! :)

  9. As always, your seasonal decor is divine. I'm sure the natural beauty of your abode has some factor in it, not to mention your awesome decorating skills and aesthetic taste. Anyway, I love how each decor piece embodies an autumnal vibe. My favorite would have to be those cool coasters. How I want them for myself too. Thanks so much for sharing everything! Wishing you and your whole family all the best!

    Naomi Walters @ Chicora

  10. You honestly have the most amazing decorating skills that I have ever seen! Your home is stunning!!!