June 27, 2014

Snack Date with an Onion Bloom

I went to QFC the other day and found some gorgeous giant onion blooms!  I was beyond thrilled! The QFC in Bellevue always has such a beautiful floral selection.

I decided to make up a reason to share it because its just too pretty not too.

Just look at all those little tiny flowers!  I've never actually seen one of these blooms up close and personal, can you believe that!?  I definitely need some in my yard.

One of my favorite snacks... 

Sea Salt Grissini.

I buy a package and break them in half then store them in a canister on the kitchen console.  They're addicting and great plain.  Sometimes I dip them in a little something, but usually I don't have time to bother with that.

As you can see, we really like the sea salt grissini!  Its time for another run to Safeway for more.  They also have plain if you were curious and are great for entertaining.  I think they're kinda pretty.

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  1. Love the onion blooms! They are gorgeous!

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