June 16, 2014

Crushing on Velvet

Royal Blue Velvet Pillows

I've been on the hunt for some pillows with a little pop.  Something with color, not much pattern, but I didn't want plain. There is something about the way light plays with velvet that almost makes is shiny.  Just look at that blue, and its definitely not plain!

Velvet pillows

I bought these gorgeous blue velvet pillows on ETSY from WillaSkyeHome!  She is also on Instagram @WillaSkyeHome.

These ones are the 20"x20 "Belgium Cotton Velvet" in "Royal Blue".

I stuffed mine with the only extra pillows I had on hand, Ikea 26"x26 down inserts. Yes, I stuffed a Euro pillow into a 20" square pillow!  Haha! It wasn't easy.

The quality is amazing!! Super soft, heavy, quality fabric that you just can't resist touching as you walk by.  They are very well made and I highly recommend them! Not to mention, they arrived super fast!

She has a coral color velvet pillow I thought about getting as well, go check out her Etsy store!

Make sure you use promo code "TREAT15" when checking out for 15% off your entire order!

Velvet Pillows, Coastal Rustic Glam

I'm all about neutrals but I'm really enjoying the pop of blue here and there.  The best part is, its all easy to change out.

Velvet Decor

Blue Velvet Pillow WillaSkyeHome

Blue Velvet Pillows WillaSkyeHome

blue and white anchor pattern planter

coastal decor

anthropologie brass candle and sea glass beads

anchor pattern planter

hydrangea in anchor planter, ginger jar

blue glass float, space number sixteen

demi john with rope, vintage home decor

large rope, demijohns, striped lamp shades, coral

convex diy mirrors

blue velvet pillow decor

blue velvet

chippy trunk coffee table

This weekend, my friend Kennesha from Restoration House Interiors let me come over and pick through the left overs from her garage sale that I missed.  

One of the things I bought from her was this neat old tool chest! I was going to paint it but after I put it in place, I decided that I really like it as is. So for now, it with will stay this color.  I'm sure eventually it will be painted white though!

I love to change things around.  This wood chest will hang out in the garage until I figure out where to move it.

sea fan, Space Number Sixteen

blue velvet throw pillows, ooh la la

blue velvet pillows, drop cloth settee

old tool chest

space number sixteen

space number sixteen

blue velvet pillows

blue velvet

velvet pillows, tool chest

white coral specimen

I also bought some coral from her to add to our coral collection.

white coral specimen

ooh la la pillow

zebra print planter

I took all these pictures with my new Canon 70D using a tripod, natural light, and my phone for a remote.  The only editing I did was to resize, that's it!  So far I have been super happy with it!  New cameras are so much fun!!!

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What do you think of the pop of blue and the new old tool chest?


  1. I'm in love with it Jen! Great job and the trunk and coral look great in their new home! XO

  2. oh that blue! gorgeous! and so glad i found your blog! :)

  3. Love how you put some color on that chest! Pretty!