June 25, 2014

Back Home: A Yard Tour

If you follow me on Instagram you might already know that I was in Vancouver, Washington this past week for my brother's wedding and to visit family.

While we were staying with my parents I managed to capture some of their yard so I could share it with you all.

I was 14 when my mom and dad bought this home.  Wow.  That's a little over 16 years ago!  It amazing how fast the years fly by.

Anyway, enjoy!! I will warn you, there are tons of images in this post!  You may want to give it time to load before scrolled through so you don't miss anything.

I was 14 when my mom and dad bought this home.  Wow.  That's a little over 16 years ago!  Its amazing how fast the years fly by.

I remember picking the river stones out of the dirt with my family so grass could be planted.  My parents had to drag me out of the house to help, not joking!  There were so many! I thought it would never end!

I love these gorgeous blue pots in my parents yard, don't they add such a wonderful pop of color?

These pots! Love them!

My mom had just received those metal swirly things and stuck them in the ground while I was there.  Aren't they neat?

I love the way Creeping Jenny drips out of the pots.

My sister picked up that purple metal flower for our mom on this last visit. She bought it at the Saturday Market in Downtown Vancouver.

Hens and chicks. Of course!

I keep telling my mom that I'm going to make off with this concrete planter!

I love that my mom and dad planted strawberries in the flower bed!  

Why not!? 

They look so pretty on that bend and my girls love sitting there and picking them when they visit! 


This is probably one of my most favorite images from all that I took.  That gorgeous hobnail pot is just too gorgeous!

My mom bought the hobnail planter at Barone Garden Decor in Renton, Washington.

This old bird house, it neat to see it occupied.

So what do you think?  

Questions? Ask away!

Its only June, I love how their yard just looks better and better through the summer.  

Hope you enjoyed the little yard tour!

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  1. You took some great shots of moms yard! Great color and ideas!

  2. Loving that new camera? Great pics friend!! Happy Thursday!

  3. What an amazing garden your parents have! I love all the photos, thanks Jen!