May 26, 2014


DIY Antique Convex Mirror Turorial

DIY Antique Convex Mirror Tutorial


A huge THANK YOU to 
 Bre at Rooms For Rent
for including me in the Inspire Me DIY Challenge!!

The focus behind the Inspire Me DIY Challenge was to complete a small diy from our project list and inspire others to do the same.

 At the last minute I decided on this!  Quick.  Easy.


-Frame with convex glass insert
-RUST-OLEUM Metallic Gold Spray Paint
-KRYLON Looking Glass Paint
-RUST-OLEUM Matte Black Spray Paint
-Drop Cloth
-Spritz bottle full of water

inspire me diy

First I dismantled the frames.

Set the convex glass aside.

gold leaf, rustoleum metallic gold, gold frames

I used RUST-OLEUM Metallic Gold spray paint for the frames.  This is a great gold, it matches the Monarch Gold Leaf perfectly.  Its the same gold spray paint I used on my cup pulls for the dresser project seen here.

I also love this gold spray paint because it sprays clean and dries FAST!

Remember to shake the can often.

Rustoleum metallic gold, Gold Spray Paint, Brass, Gold Leaf

I sprayed both front and back.

Make sure to spray well along the lip that hold the glass.  This is important because when the glass in placed back into the frame, the edge of the glass will slightly reflect this edge. 

Convex Picture Frame Glass

Now its time to make the mirrors!

I washed the glass well in dawn dish soap and hot water. I dried them with a flour cloth towel.

krylon looking glass paint, DIY Convex Mirror

When spraying this paint, don't spray to close and don't spray thick.  Its better to spray multiple light layers, it dries faster this way too. I did 2 layers on each piece of convex glass.

Spray your first light layer.

Blow on it to speed of the drying process, you'll see the sheen change as it dries.

aging a mirror, diy antique mirror, inspire me diy

Grab your spritzer bottle of water.  Spritz water toward an edge so that the water droplets are heavier on one side. I think this gives a better antiquey look to the mirror.

While the droplets are wet, spray a second layer of Looking Glass Paint.

inspire me diy, looking glass paint, diy convex mirror

You can see how the color changes as it dries

krylon looking glass paint, inspire me diy, convex mirror

Allow the second layer of Looking Glass paint to dry.

Now spray a light layer of the RUST-OLEUM Matte Black over the looking glass paint.

The matte black provides the darkening around the edges of the spotting.  The same darkening that happens on an old mirror.

The matte black will also act kind of like a sealer.  Otherwise, the looking glass paint is easy to scratch or rub off.

Space Number Sixteen - Jen Widner #Inspire Me DIY

After the mirrors are dry, replace the glass into the frames.

diy gold convex mirror, inspire me diy

Not bad eh?

looking glass paint

Antique Convex Mirror

DIY Antique Convex Mirror Tutorial, Inspire Me DIY Jen Widner

Antique Convex Mirror Tutorial, inspire me diy

Then hang them up!

Space Number Sixteen - Jen Widner #InspireMeDIY

Inspire Me DIY Antique Convex Mirror Tutorial

ooh la la, hollow metal letters, before picture, cow hide
This was BEFORE, like way before!  Before my DIY Upholstery Settee seen here and striped lamp shades seen here.  I had used 3M Command hooks to hang those hollow metal letters.  Well, the hooks failed big time and the letters fell off the wall one by one, taking paint with them.  CRASH BANG!  I re-hung a couple, then gave up and took the rest down.  They are sitting in a pile in the garage until I have the patience to re hang them somewhere else.

Inspire Me DIY antique convex mirror

Demijohn, Antlers, Demijohn, Rustic Glam, Peonies, silver plate bowl

monticello, black and white, railing sconces, restoration hardware, rustic glam, demijohn

ooh la la, oh la la, pillow, pink peonies, dropcloth, antlers, silver plate bowl

DIY Antique Convex Mirror Tutorial, looking glass paint, gold paint

Target Lamp Shades, Love Chalkboard, Olive Leaf crown

fearless, my sweet savannah, flea market, pink peonies, rustic glam

DIY antique convex mirror tutorial, rustic glam, gold frame, nautical rustic glam

There was suppose to be a piece of molding running across the window casings and slate but we never got it finished.  Its on the project list.

Rustic Glam, DIY Antique Convex Mirror Tutorial, stag, demijohn

DIY Antique Convex mirror, grain sack, striped lamp shades

pink peonies, antlers

fearless, my sweet savannah, peonies petals

restoration hardware, railing sconce, monticello, mail tray

I like that there is something back up above the gas stove, it didn't look right naked.

I'm so happy that I finally got this done!

Now don't forget to go and check out what everyone else did!


  1. Very cool! Love you space by the way - the best kind of eclectic!!! xo

  2. Very pretty!!! YOur rooms looks stunning!!! Jen

    1. Thank you Jennifer! I love how yours turned out too!!!

  3. I love these! I've been on the lookout for a mirror like this but they're very popular where I live so no luck yet. And, funny, I used the Looking Glass spray for my project too :) First time using it!

    1. Thank you! I though it was funny that we both used looking glass paint too! Love your project!! Btw, I discovered that your permalink at the bottom of this post was broken. I just wanted you to know that I fixed it!

  4. LOVE your style! It's such a cute, cozy room. Love the wild outdoorsy feel matched with polished elegance.