May 21, 2014

DIY Hollywood Regency Dresser

Project Reveal

DIY Hollywood Regency Furniture Redo

I didn't have time to add in all the text so if you are interested in the wonderful details, check back in a couple days.

Until then, enjoy all the MANY pictures!  

 I used round picture frames to glam up the drawer fronts.

It was a pain in the tush getting the circles lined up right.  I'm glad that the drawers on the this piece don't have extra room to move side to side!

I just used tape to make the borders. No measuring and no drawn lines. Easy peasy!

I took 3 years of calligraphy in high school, we used a similar method to create large scale calligraphy art.

Unfortunately, this project took me about a month and a half to finish. Somewhere in between I lost some images covering some of the steps of the process.

Anyway, on with the reveal!

Before of the entry/ office.

I think it was an improvement! 

I glammed up the drawer sides with gold leaf!

I'd like to point out that Rustoleum Metallic Gold spray paint and Monarch Gold Leaf match VERY well!

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  1. I especially love the gold leafed drawer sides! Definitely takes the project that extra mile. 😊

  2. Sooooo pretty! I also LOVE the gold leaf in the drawers! Gorgeous! I also loved your tip from your calligraphy! x

  3. You vision, artistry and execution on this piece are amazing!!!!

  4. LOVE!! What a pretty, unique piece, and just brilliant to use round picture frames!