April 8, 2014

My Sister's New House...

Hello everyone!  My sister Jewels and her husband Cameron were sweet enough to let me share some of their new home with you all!  

Jewels and I spent Saturday and Sunday cleaning and sorting decor from their previous home.

The black pub table was given to her by me after I replaced it with this table that I made here.  But they plan on replacing the table in the near future.  

Something I learned about having a black table, they suck light right out of a room and create a sort of black hole.  It doesn't look bad here but I can't wait to see what they replace it with!

(Before) They want to phase into a more neutral color palette so we boxed up quite a bit of red and orange colored decor.

They didn't want to go out and spend a bunch on new stuff (I don't blame them) so I got to have fun shopping her house looking for things to put here and there.

I taped out a K shape for this pallet art and we painted it in, it was quick and easy.  We actually made this before they moved into their new house, it's one of their favorite pieces of decor.

The centerpiece was a gift from me and was also in their previous home.

She kept some of her favorite things out to incorporate them into their new decor style.  One of those things was this warm orange stoneware pitcher.  We picked up some hydrangea that happened to be 60% off at Michaels and filled the pitcher nice and full.  

It's too bad I didn't get a photo of their counter tops because the stone is beautiful!

The paint in their house is from Sherwin Williams, Worldly Gray on the walls and Pure White on the trim.

They plan to replace their sofas and are considering two of these from IKEA seen here.

She hated how messy the media stuff looked and told me that dealing with it was a priority.  We found a solution in this white IKEA cabinet found here.



We also removed the lamp in the previous before picture and she used this ladder that I picked up in Astoria, Oregon.  To replace the previous light source we added the clamp light from IKEA seen here.

While we were at Michaels buying faux flowers, she found that rustic white ceramic vase for 60% off.  

 The white cherry blossom branches also came from Michaels on the same shopping trip and were also on sale!

Next time I come to visit, she wants to hit this round coffee table with some chalk paint!

 We made the coffee table tray about a year ago.

We hung an affordable sheer cotton panel from World Market with a tension rod from Walmart for a bit of privacy and an airy look.

Jewels and Cameron both want to paint the shadow boxes white but we didn't have time before I left so I just helped her hang them for now.

The front entrance sports a yellow door.  When Jewel's and Cameron went through the process of picking things out like exterior paint, their first 4 paint choices for the house got turned down.  The color combo you see here is not what they originally chose, but more or less, what they got stuck with.  To top that off, even that yellow isn't the right yellow.  Oh the joys of of building a house!!  


What do you think of her work in progress?

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  1. You took some lovely pictures of our space. Thank you so much! Thank you for the support and ideas and passion!

    1. You're welcome, I'm glad you enjoyed the post. You both did so good picking out surfaces that it makes it easy to decorate ;) I love your home, so proud of you both! <3

  2. Finally got over here to see everything from instagram @fransdesigns It all looks great! I love the ladder and light and the pallet art too. I also love her hardwood floors.

    1. Thanks Fran! I love her floors too, they're perfect!! If I didn't have uneven concrete floor under my carpet in our barn house, I would love to have something like this!