April 21, 2014

Gold Foil Wood Grain Door Stop

I've really fallen into the gold foil craze lately.  With all the driftwood I brought back from our beach 
trip, I thought it wood be fun use some gold leaf on one of the pieces that looked like a door stop.

This one had nicely weather end grain.

See how it was cut?  I like how it sits with the end sort of facing upward as seen in the below

Supplies that I used:

Wax Paper to protect the surface (totally optional)
White Paint ( I used Acrylic)
Small Paint Brush (for paint, adhesive, sealer)
Large Soft Bristle Paint Brush (for pressing the gold leaf)
Gold Leaf Sheets
Metal Leaf Adhesive Size
Metal Leaf Sealer

white wood grain, metal chairs

I started by painting the end with some white acrylic paint that I had in my stash.

gold foil wood grain door stop

I used a small paint brush to apply the size to the grain rings.  Keep in mind, if you haven't used adhesive size before, its really thin and spreads really easy.  The tiniest bit can drip and a little goes a long way.  This small bottle will last a while.

I laid a sheet of gold foil on my work surface (wax paper).  Make sure your hands are really clean and dry before handling the foil because it sticks and tears easily!

After you've applied the adhesive size along the grain lines and allowed it to dry a little, about 10 minutes, stamp the prepped grain down onto the gold leaf.

Carefully pick it up and use a paint brush to gently pat it down.  Remove the excess and apply it to the left over section.

gold foil door stop, driftwood

Use the bush to rub off all excess gold leaf and it should easily come off of all the areas that there wasn't any adhesive size.

gold foil door stop, driftwood

Seal the gold leaf with sealer.  It looks dull after applying the sealer but don't worry, it will clear up in a few minutes as it dries.

beachcombed wood, gold leaf wood grain

That's it. An end table with a surface like this would be gorgeous!

JenWidner, gold foil wood grain

 There you go, just a simple, fun little gold leafing project!

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  1. Such a great idea! I just used gold leaf the other day and love it!

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