February 13, 2014

The Living Area

February 2014

Dark Brown Leather Sectional, Restoration Hardware, Pottery Barn, Fretwork Rug, Pattern Rug, Big Wooden Key, Railing Sconce

Sorry this first image is so dark!  

Monticello, Railing Sconce, Marbella Avignon Floor Mirror, Huge Floor Mirror, Oversized Ornate Floor Mirror

psst... That mirror wasn't NEARLY as expensive as you think it was.  Under $300 and turned out to be a total steal!  The price was a little higher, but was delivered damaged... only slightly, so instead of returning it (back to the east coast) we settled for a $400+ refund.  It was an anniversary present one year and I love it.  I had always wanted a giant ornate mirror.  It makes the room feel so much bigger than it is.  It is wood and plaster and extremely heavy!  At 64" x 87" and 4" thick, its seriously substantial and one of my favorite pieces in the house.  I searched to see if I could find it available anymore and it is but not from where I bought it.  Search "Marbella Avignon Floor Mirror" and you should be able to find one.

Oversized Mirror, Home Decor, Railing Sconce, Hardwire to Lamp Conversion, Lamp Conversion, Hardwire Conversion, Dark Sectional

The black and white MONTICELLO sign came from Aunt Bee's House in Salem, Oregon.  The sconces were designed to be hardwired and we didn't have wiring in the wall there.  I REALLY wanted those sconces to go there so I made mounts out of pine and some molding then mounted the sconces.  I rewired the sconces to be lamps so they plug into the wall and have a on/off switch.

Oversized Mirror, Sconce Lamps, Vintage Record Player, Monticello, OOH LA LA metal letters

Fun fact, we live in a barn! Haha, yes, our home used to be a barn until it was converted into house around 1998.  My husband and his family raised sheep for a time and kept the wool in here!

Because the house was a barn, the floor under the carpet is concrete and it was never leveled.  There are uneven areas throughout the house which makes furniture placement kind of tricky.  My dad installed the carpet in here and expressed some frustration about those uneven floors!  If it wasn't for the uneven concrete floor, I would have preferred wood flooring, but it is what it is.

Vintage Record Player, Tv Console, Shutter TV Console, Vintage Decor, Vintage Furniture

The TV console is a vintage record player/ radio that we craigslisted for $30!  I LOVE a good deal.  The ultimate plan was to gut it and convert those shutters into doors.  So far I haven't had the  heart to rip anything out of it.  Back when we bought it, the radio still worked and had that old kinda muffled speaker sound. That sound reminds me of when I was little and dad was working outside with his beat up job site radio on.

Fretwork Rug, Monticello, Weathered Wood Sconces, Linen Throw Pillows

That sectional was a craigslist purchase too!  We bought it from someone who did home staging.

The fretwork pattern rug is from Target.

Salvage Column Candle Stand, Flameless Candle, Old Ladder, Faux Fur Blanket, Demi John Bottle

I never wanted a big chunky rocker but with baby number two I decided that a big comfy rocking chair was a far better choice then those ugly glider things.  I hated the glider I had with my first kido and we spent more money on it than the cheap Fred Meyer rocker in the picture!  It turned out to be a great purchase because I lived in it for the first four months.  I'd like to replace it with a grain sack covered french salon bench.  I have the grain sacks already, just need the right salon bench.

Target Lamps, Oval Shades, Grain Sack runner, Corbel Decor, Pottery Barn Cachepot, Pottery Barn Tuscan Urn, Ikea Curtains, West Facing Window

I plan on painting or striping this piece of furniture.  It was baby furniture but we took it out of the girls room and put a vintage vanity in its place.  Currently it's stuffed with toys and books.

Lamps are Target.

White chippy looking pots are from Pottery Barn.  They are the small urn and the small cachepot.  

Curtains are from IKEA.

Salvage Column, Home Decor, Demi John Bottle, Old Ladder, Study, Ooh La La

Hollow Metal Letters, Home Decor, Gas Fireplace, Ooh La La, Beachcomber Baskets, Pottery Barn, Ikea, Restoration Hardware, Target, West Elm

This gas fireplace is not for looks, its the main heat source for out home.  

I forgot to get a shot of the Kaidan Tansu!  Its the stair shape on the right there.  We happen to think its really neat.  Its an old chest of drawers in the shape of stairs with ebony finish.
Railing Sconce, Old Barn House, Oversized Floor Mirror

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  1. Jen i love how you decorate.....my house has some challenges with the flooring and you have inspired me to look beyond the flaws....thank you for all the tips on where you purchased your items. so helpful! Lynn S.