February 11, 2014

Our Dining Table

Weathered Wood Dining Table, Restoration Hardware, Metal Chairs, Glassybaby, drafting table base

Breakfast Nook, Metal Chairs, Industrial Chic, Glassybaby, Pottery Barn, Restoration Hardware

The Dining Nook

It took me a while to decide what I wanted to do for a table.  Prior to making the above table, we were using a square bar height table that could seat four.  It was all wrong for the space and I truly began to hate it.  I hunted and hunted for a table that could work. Unfortunately, this nook is pretty narrow and my measurements for what I wanted were pretty specific.  I didn't want any struggling to pass behind anyone and wanted ample room to scoot back and leave the table.  This table needed to be as narrow as possible but at the same time it needed to be able to have a standard sized dinner plate on each side.  It was also important to me that we utilize the full length of this nook so we could seat six.  

After not finding anything that would work within my parameters, I went into my default modify and build to concur mode.  I started researching potential table hacks and came of with nothing.  I've always loved repurposed industrial pieces in decor so in the last few years, Restoration Hardware and Pinterest have helped me comfortably incorporate it into our more soft decor.

 It dawned on me that I had a gorgeous drafting table base masquerading as a side table! I had purchased this base from a Seattle antique store a while back and threw an old cutting board on for a top.  Now I just needed another drafting table base, a couple sheets of laminated pine and we'd be good to go!  HA!  Who was I kidding?  I looked up drafting table bases and could only find a few at pretty high prices.  I had decided that this was indeed what I wanted for the space so I decided to wait and hope I'd come across a table base that was more affordable. Finally, I did!  I found my second drafting table base on ebay with local pickup and picked it up asap.  On the way home I picked up two laminated sheets of pine.  This is what I used:

2 drafting table bases
2 laminated sheets of pine 24" x 72" (they are 3/4" thick)
1 box of 1 1/4" drywall screws
Minwax Stain in Jacobean
Annie Sloan Old White
Annie Sloan French Linen
Annie Sloan Clear Wax
Annie Sloan Dark Wax
Medium Grit Sanding block
Bag of rags

I will work on posting how to get my weathered finish.

I was able to finish the table within a couple days and we put it in place immediately.  This project is so simple and easy.  Had I been blogging at the time, I might have had pics of the process.  It has only been finished since June 2013 but I don't think we'll will get tired of it, not at least for a long time. The more we use it the more wear marks it gets. We love it.

Narrow Dining Table, White Dinnerware, Metal Chairs, DIY Weathered Wood

I set the table real quick just for pictures. Simple and clean.

Glassybaby, Bone White China, Wedgwood Bone White, Simple and Clean Tablescape

The votive holders are from Glassbaby, some are from the twice yearly seconds sale.  I use Dream, Whisper, Duck Egg and Thank You in my whites but mostly Dream.

White Tablescape, White Dinnerware, Industrial Chic, Metal Chairs, Drafting Table

Metal Chairs, Industrial Chic, Anthropologie Initial Mugs, Linen Napkins, Glassbaby

Arte Pura Linen Napkins, Industrial Chin, French Industrial Chic

Anthropologie Initial Coffee Cup, Arte Pura Linen, Bone White China

The mugs are of course from Anthropologie.

Glassybaby Whites, Simple Clean Tablescpape, Industrial Chic

Glassybaby, Anthropologie, Weathered Wood, Drafting Table Base Table

We bought the Arte Pura linen napkins while in Stuttgart, Germany.  They have a great feel and they're special.

Italian Arte Pura Linen Napkin, Arte Pura Linen, Gorgeous Linen Napkins

Made In Italy, Arte Pura, Linen napkin, White Tablescape

Linen Napkin, Industrial Chin, Arte Pura Linen

Everyday Dinnerware, Wedgwood Bone White, White Tablescape

The china came from Bed Bath & Beyond, don't forget to use your coupon!  Its my everyday dinnerware and I absolutely LOVE it.


  1. Love it! I'm also on the hunt for something super narrow. So am I reading right - 24 inches wide? It really looks like plenty of room.

    1. So I have a load of measurements for you to help give you better sense of the table size, READY? Okay... The table is literally 1/16" short of 24" wide. With the two laminated sheets of pine and at the lowest the drafting table bases will go, it measures 31" high. It's a very comfortable height for the standard dining chair. Now, this table COULD become bar height with just a couple twists of knobs on the table bases! The nook measures 76.5" wide x 73" deep (just fits the length of the table). Chair back to chair back measurement across table width is 38.5" (with chairs pushed in). Space for chair between wall and table edge is roughly 26" on both sides.

      Did all that make sense? YIKES!

      It is perfectly narrow and with our family we couldn't go any narrower. There is just enough room for our plates, drinks, condiments, and a narrow bread plate. There is generally just the four of us using it at once so any decor along the table center just gets scooted down to the wall end. It's a great table and easy to make! I will post pics of the versatility soon so be sure to watch out for that. Not only can it be raised but as long as the bases are attached right, it can be tilted too!

  2. What steps did you do to get the color of the table top?

    1. Hi Leslie, I used minwax jacobean stain and then a wash of Annie Sloan Old White. You could also use a thin wash of minwax pickling over the jacobean and get a similar look. I used a dry brushing technique to get more texture and rubbed the Annie Sloan Old White into the cracks. I used a sanding block here and there, then sealed it with clear wax. I hope that helps!

    2. oh and I also used a bit of Annie Sloan Dark wax in some spots and then clear wax over those spots. Make sure to do a few coats of wax if its going to be a well used surface.

  3. Thanks! What is a wash of annie sloan? Do you dilute the paint with water?

    1. Yes, for a wash I use roughly 2 parts paint and 1 part water. Sometimes, more water, sometimes less. I usually just go by feel. I dip my finger in the watered down paint and then rub it across the back of my hand to check the pigment in the wash. I hope that helps!

  4. I love your dining room table! We have a couple drafting table pedestals but they don't match. Were yours exactly the same? If they are the same color does it matter if they don't exactly match? We need a narrow table, too! Thank you,