February 12, 2014

Our Bedroom

Ikea, Grain Sack Pillow, Pottery Barn, Target, Restoration Hardware

The bedroom is such and important place.  Its where we finally get to rest after a long day and so in my opinion, the decor in it should be as calm and simple as possible.  Personally, I can't relax in a cluttered room or one that is pumped full of color.  Its not that I don't enjoy being surrounded by color, I just don't want to be surrounded by it in my bedroom, or in any other part of my house for that matter.  Sometimes I have a hard time relaxing my mind.  I find that an abundance of color and clutter tends to create noise and over stimulate my already overactive brain!  

My own personal decor color philosophy is simple, avoid color chaos!  Not only in our bedroom, but our home in general needs to be a place that we can relax and get away from chaos.  My children, however, are a whole different kind of chaos.  Too bad changing their shirt color doesn't tone them down!  Only kidding, I love that my children are full of energy, its a good thing... most of the time ;)

We like a coastal/ winter color scheme.  When I feel like we need a snap of color, I usually use red because its energetic. 

Ikea Armoire, Vinyl headboard, Euro Shams, Grain Sack, Songe Mirror

Ikea Mirror, Ikea Side Table, Linen Bedding, Neutral Decor

Round Mirrors Above Nightstands, Gray and White Bedroom, Linen Bedding

Ikea Night Stand, Ikea Songe Mirror, Barn Wood, Vinyl Headboard, Faux Headboard

That's an Ikea armoire.  Unfortunately IKEA doesn't carry it anymore, sorry.  I happened to really like that line as you can see.  I'm not really all about matching furniture but this was an exception somehow, and I'm still not sure how.  It just feels right I guess. There has been wondering thoughts of changing the night stands but for now they work and serve us appropriately.  Personally, I need at least the night stands to match in a bedroom. I suppose its a symmetry thing and tickles my eyes better.

We are storage furniture people, ok well I am.  My OCD issues require a place to stash annoying clutter and for everything to have a place. In light of that, night stands must have storage.  My husband uses a machine for sleep apnea so he needed a nightstand with a large compartment to keep the machine and to store it out of sight when its not in use.  The night stands are tall and narrow because, well, this room is small and that is a king size bed with a thick mattress. I love that its leggy because if it was just a solid chest from top to floor, I think it might have been too much. I also didn't want the bedside table right up against the armoire.  It's what worked for what we needed and served the design well.

The basket with white IKEA pillows is there purely for visual interest. It looks functional and could be technically, but I don't intend it to be.  It provides warm texture and gives an interesting break between the top of the armoire and the ceiling.  This is also the section of the bedroom that can be seen from the main living area so I wanted it to look right.

Beachcomber Basket, Ikea Armoire, Linen Drapes, White Linen, Roost Reimagined

Those are sheer linen drapes.  There is quite a decent distance between us and the next house.  Did I mention the next house is grandma's house?  Unless grandma is peeping in on us with those binoculars in her corner window (family joke), then I'm not too worried about lookie loos way out here.  However, I spent a third of my life living in suburbia so I need curtains by default.  These sheer linen curtains give us the feeling of privacy and do actually provide a bit of privacy.  Most of all, I like how they filter the light.

 We brought the driftwood home from one of our Long Beach, Washington trips and I felt like the gorgeous jug needed something in it.  I threw the driftwood in the jug and haven't thought much of it since.  It doesn't need to be there, but it also doesn't bother me that it is.

Gray and White Bedroom, Antique Glass Jug, Ticking Stripe Pillow

The chair and pillow were purchased at the Farm Chicks Antique Show from Roost Reimagined

Ikea Mirror, Ikea Night Stand, Vinyl Headboard, Faux Headboard, Reclaimed Lamp, Elephant Grass Basket

The round mirrors are from IKEA and they are mounted to some barn wood planks that I snagged from the old barn.  The style mimics the sconces in our living room. That basket is an elephant grass basket from Basket of Africa.  The lamp is from target.  The Faux magnolia is from Pier1 and comes in branch form.  I cut it down to make a more compact bouquet.  I have seen the same exact magnolia branch at Crate & Barrel.

White and Gray decor, Reclaimed Decor, Gray White Beige Greige Pewter

Yes, my scarves are hanging on over the door wreath hangers.  The hangers happened to hang on the crown of the armoire just right and I like to keep my scarves accessible. 

Ikea Armoire, Linen bedding, Vintage Glass jug, Linen Drapes

I love old transparent glass bottles and the way light filters through them.  See how that big glass jug is illuminated sitting near the window?  I try to avoid obstructing light as much as possible with the decor in our house.  Using old tinted glass bottles and objects here and there is a great way to add a touch of color and texture without obstructing light. 

Linen Bedding, Vintage Grainsack, Vinyl Headboard, Tree Silhouette Vinyl

There is literally no room for a headboard.  My mother in law did have one attached to the wall that she fashioned herself. The problem was that it was upholstered... all the way to the floor.  We tend to get quite a few hobo spiders in the house and so anything with texture becomes a direct access point for them creepy crawlys. Otherwise, on smooth surfaces they don't seem to climb well.  Needless to say, after finding spiders in bed a few times, I moved the bed one day and ripped that faux headboard of the wall! ICK!  After removing the spider highway, I still needed something that felt like a headboard. I needed height and a way to define the bed. We really like how the white vinyl trees and euro pillows create the illusion of a headboard and it was super easy!

Decorating Tight Spaces, Faux Headboard, Linen Bedding, Pottery Barn

See what I mean about no room for a headboard?  The door actually hits the corner of the bed and we have to nudge it passed the bedding.

Ikea Mirror, Ikea Night Stand, Faux Headboard, Euro Pillows, Ikea Lamp, Burlap Lamp Shade, Pottery Barn

Those euro pillows were more square prior to recently shrinking them by accident.  Now they appear slightly rectangular.  I wasn't happy.  They are the Pottery Barn Fisherman Knit Euro Shams and I bought them on sale quite a while ago.

That's it for today but check back tomorrow to see our living area.  Have a great day!

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