February 5, 2014

Happy Hydrangeas... UPDATE!

So after trying the boiling water method, I found that it most definitely works! If you didn't see my post about prolonging hydrangea vase life you can find it here.  I'm really quite impressed that they still look so perky.  I did remove some of the browning petals but considering how many petals are there, I didn't really remove that much.

Here is what I actually followed through with.  

1. I only changed the water 3 times after the original placement.
2. I trimmed the stems (all the browned boiled sections) and re-dipped the ends in boiled water at each of the water changes.
3. At the water changes I rinsed the vase out thoroughly and added fresh cold water with a bit of flower food from a florist flower food packet.
4. I misted the blooms daily with a fine mist (see mister bottle below) and sometimes a couple times a day.
5. I was out of town for a few of the days so they did get neglected for 3 days.
6. Today, when I changed the water I removed some of the wilted or browned petal sections whilst being careful not to tear the petals themselves, as I'm assuming this could cause browning in itself.

This is the little pile of wilted and browned petals that I removed as well as some small leaves I missed that were under the bloom.

When I mist the blooms, I also misted under the blooms.

This is the Dollar Tree mister bottle I mentioned here.

I brought these hydrangeas home on January 27th which means that so far these gorgeous blooms have stayed perky for 9 days as of today.  Typical vase life for hydrangea is 4-7 days.  As you can see, this method works very well! 

I also wanted to share that the carnations look good as well and they are going on 3 weeks!  No I didn't boil the ends.  I just changed the water about 5 or 6 times.  Did you notice the vase?  That's the one I posted about here that I picked up while thrifting.  I think it looks beautiful with those carnations in it!

Thanks for browsing! I'd love to see what you have to say or answer any questions so please take a minute and comment below.  Have a wonderful day!


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    I just found your blog and am LOVIN' what I see, so would like to become a follower. I prefer to follow via email as that way I don't miss anything, but can't see that facility on the blog, is it possible for you to add it please?

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    1. I will investigate this as soon as get to my laptop! Thanks fir asking, I didn't even realize that I didn't have a subscription form. ;)