February 21, 2014

DIY Wood Bead Lamp Shade

Made from old beaded seat covers!

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1 Large Metal Craft Hoop (I purchased mine from our thrift store a while back)
1 Small Lamp Frame Part (comes from a dismantled small drum shade, easy thrift)
1 Large Hinged Snap Ring (I always have these in my hardware stash)
Several Wood Beads from your seat covers seen here
Jute Cord (for stringing beads)
Large Eye Blunt Needle
Large Piece of Natural Fiber Scrap Fabric in white or ivory (in at least 2 and half times the length of the taper you plan on making
Sanding Block
22g-24g wire (for suspending parts until beads strands are in place)
Scissors (for fabric strips)
Floor Lamp (to suspend shade while working)
Lamp that you want the shade to go with (or hang with out light!)

metal hinged snap ring

This hinged snap ring will allow you to attach the bottom of the shade around the pole.

wood beads, lamp shade frame

Place the small drum lamp shade part onto the top of the lamp with the ring up and screw it down.

wood bead chandelier lamp shade, diy lamp shade

Figure out how you long you want the taper part of the shade and suspend it using the fine craft wire.  Use fine wire for this because it isn't permanent.  Fine wire will be easier to remove once the wood bead strands are in place. Then suspend the hinged ring at your desired bowl shape depth.

lamp shade frame

Tie a length of jute cord onto the top ring using a slip know.  I untied the knot you see here and retied but I forgot to retake the picture, oops!  String on some wood beads, enough to reach the bottom of the taper (the large craft ring), and still have a little inward drape.  Tie off at the bottom taper.  If you don't tie individual strands between each section, there will be too much play in the bead strands and allow everything to shift around.

Lamp shade frame

It was easiest to show you this part on the top.  Take the tails from the knots and run them back through the beads to hide it.

DIY chandelier lamp shade, wood beads, repurposed seat covers

Run the tail back through 2-3 beads and remove excess.

wood bead chandelier lamp shade

Add several strands while thinking ahead the spacing.  In other words, don't run too many strands on on one section.  The top lamp part is divided into 3 sections.  I strung 4 strands onto each of the 3 sections.  When you do the bottom strands, make sure you keep them lined up with the top strands.  After I strung on 12 strands on bottom and top, I spaced them out evenly.

Singer scissors, ivory fabric

The fabric needs to be 2.5 times the length of your shade's taper.  I cut and used 1" width sections for tying.

strip of ivory fabric

wood bead chandelier lamp shade, diy lamp shade, wood beads

I tied one end to the top ring and ran it down and around the middle ring and then back up to the top where I tied it off.  I tied on 2 individual strips between each bead strand.  Flop the tied fabric ends over so that they don't hang over the light bulb.

Now, obviously you don't need to use the fabric but I'm not a huge fan of harsh lamp light or from exposed bulbs.  Not even from the vintage style bulbs.  I need eye level light to be filtered.  I don't want to feel like I'm being interrogated, especially within the comfort of our own home.

Originally, planned on stinging the whole shade in the beads.  Then I turned on the light and both my husband and I gave it a quick thumbs down.  The unfiltered light was uncomfortable.  Maybe we're just getting old!

I'm kind of a lighting snob.  I have made some poor lighting decisions in the passed and have learned from my mistakes, thankfully. I pay very close attention to how light carries throughout the house or how the light needs to be used in a given area.  How my window treatments disperse light into the house.  I don't want to work for the light so I make light work for us. 

We prefer a relaxed atmosphere and we just can't have that with a bare bulb above our heads.  I love the look tho and envy those who can handle it!

DIY chandelier lamp shade, wood bead lamp shade, restoration hardware decor

DIY wood bead lamp shade

wood bead chandelier lamp shade, wood bead lamp shade, Linen love seat, old ladder, home decor

DIY Lamp Shade

Like I said, make sure the ties are not left hanging over the bulb!

metal hinged snap ring, diy chandelier lamp shade, diy wood beads, repurposed seat covers

Make sure to slide the bead strands far enough out of the way so that when you open the ring, the strands don't slide off.

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