December 10, 2013

Space Number Sixteen Blog Launch

Our kitchen table

SO! What exactly does a person do or say for a first blog post?  Hmm...Okay, here I go.

My name is Jennifer.  I am married, have two children and I am addicted to decorating my home here in Washington State.  Many people have asked if I have a blog, as my heap of unfinished projects fill in that thought bubble above my head,  I usually respond with "where am I going to find the time?!".  Somewhere between clobbering friends and family with diy ideas and driving my husband crazy with where I moved this or how I painted that, I have decided that this momma needs an outlet!  So after some consideration...  I have decided to give this blogging thing a try.

If this table looks familiar, you may have seen it here on pinterest!  Its one of my creations and sits happily in our little dining nook.  Sorry about the picture quality, its an iphone pic.  The iphone has made me pretty lazy in the photography department, I suppose it's time to get my good camera back out!

So there's my first something and as I learn more through this blogging adventure, I hope to put up a far better post then this!  Haha! 

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